We aspire to change the world by providing superior goods and services essential to our quality of life.


J.H. Wright Associates is a leading provider of fluid handling equipment and services essential to the fundamental infrastructure of modern civilization. Using advanced skills and technology we offer cost-effective, High quality products and services while maintaining corporate growth and profitability, which allows us to support a pleasant and professional working environment where employee can experience professional and personal growth, participate in corporate innovation and enrich the quality of life for themselves and our customers.


  • We value quality and excellence in the products and services we provide.
  • We value environmental and community stewardship.
  • We value respect and trust for each other, our associates and our customers.
  • We value innovation, hard work, loyalty, and enthusiasm from our employees.
  • We value cooperation, ethical behavior and integrity in all our interactions.
  • We value continual progress and deliberate change.
  • We value the energy and initiative of youth guided by the experience and maturity of generations.

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