About Us

A Legacy of Excellence

Since 1961, JH Wright has partnered with manufacturers and customers to turn products into solutions for fluids and solids handling applications.

JH Wright was built on a foundation of integrity and a commitment to providing quality products and excellence in customer service.


JH Wright is a family owned and operated pump supplier and service provider. Our corporate office in Daphne, AL, service center in Cullman, AL and multiple satellite offices serve industrial and municipal customers throughout the south: Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, the Florida panhandle, and parts of Tennessee.

Company president Mark Wright is committed to maintaining JH Wright’s tradition of providing high-quality products, service, and support. This tradition began in 1961 when Ham established JH Wright to serve the growing needs of Mobile and its surrounding areas. Starting with three product lines, initiative, and a strong commitment to customer service, Ham’s fledgling company had quite a successful first year. Since then, the company has been characterized by continual growth and adaptation to current markets.

Ham was joined in 1963 by Ogden Jervis and in 1973 by Richard S. Bradley. 1994 was a transitional year for JH Wright—Mr. Bradley retired, Ham became CEO, and Mark signed on as company president. Not long after taking the reins, Mark added the municipal division to our once exclusively industrial-oriented company. He also placed a new emphasis on utilizing the latest technologies and on streamlining processes to benefit our company, manufacturers, and customers.

Today, JH Wright continues to provide high quality products, service, and support. The original three product lines have grown to more than fifty, and our service and repair capabilities continue to expand. We are still guided by Ham’s initiative and vision; a commitment to building long-term relationships that serve the needs of customers and suppliers with integrity, ingenuity, efficiency, and quality.

JH Wright moves industrial distribution into the 21st Century.

For over 60 years, JH Wright has partnered with manufacturers and customers to turn products into solutions for fluids and solids handling problems.

Our Values

Mission, Vision & Core Values


We aspire to change the world by providing superior goods and services essential to our quality of life.


JH Wright is a leading provider of fluid handling equipment and services essential to the fundamental infrastructure of modern civilization. Using advanced skills and technology we offer cost-effective, High quality products and services while maintaining corporate growth and profitability, which allows us to support a pleasant and professional working environment where employee can experience professional and personal growth, participate in corporate innovation and enrich the quality of life for themselves and our customers.

Core Values

  • We value quality and excellence in the products and services we provide.
  • We value environmental and community stewardship.
  • We value respect and trust for each other, our associates and our customers.
  • We value innovation, hard work, loyalty, and enthusiasm from our employees.
  • We value cooperation, ethical behavior and integrity in all our interactions.
  • We value continual progress and deliberate change.
  • We value the energy and initiative of youth guided by the experience and maturity of generations.


The Wright part for every customer

JH Wright boasts an impressive inventory valued at over 5 million, featuring more than 700 pumps and 2,000 line items. This extensive range ensures that we can cater to a wide variety of needs, providing solutions for diverse applications. Our dedicated inventory and custom stocking services further enhance our offering, allowing for quick and efficient fulfillment of orders. Whether customers are seeking a specific pump model or require a custom solution, JH Wright’s vast inventory and commitment to customer service make us a reliable choice for all pump-related and equipment needs.

  • 700 Pumps

  • 2,000 Line Items

  • Extensive Range

  • Comprehensive Inventory


Resources available to our customers:

  • The best pump, mixer, screening and filtration equipment available
  • Over two generations of experience serving the industrial, commercial and municipal markets
  • A large inventory of equipment and repair parts
  • Knowledgeable, well-trained, experienced people dedicated to service. Sales engineers and service personnel are conveniently located throughout Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Georgia and the Florida panhandle.
  • Office, repair, rebuild and service facilities in Daphne and Cullman, Alabama with satellite sales offices in Louisiana and Georgia.