Our Team

At JH Wright, our Leadership, Industrial & Municipal Sales Teams, Engineering Department, Repairs and Service Division, Administrative staff bring a wealth of experience to the table. Our Sales Teams, backed by extensive industry knowledge, work tirelessly to understand and meet the unique needs of each client. Our Engineering Department, with their technical expertise, ensures that our solutions are innovative, efficient, and reliable. Meanwhile, our administrative team ensures smooth operations, providing the necessary support to all other teams. Together, these teams form the backbone of JH Wright, driving us towards our goal of providing top-notch products and services. This collaborative approach allows us to deliver comprehensive solutions that meet our customers’ needs while maintaining high standards of service and efficiency.


Mark Wright

President & CEO

Lee Morgan

Operations Manager

Diana Petersen

Senior Accountant & Payroll Administrator

Joe McKenna

General Manager, North Alabama

Ben Cleveland

Industrial Sales Manager

Brian Woodbury

Municipal Sales Manager

Matt Perry

Municipal Sales

Robert Brooke

Inventory Manager

Zach Farris

Team Leader, Application Engineer

Repairs & Field Service Team

Michael Barnes

Industrial Repair Manager

Zeddie Mothershead

Shop Manager-Daphne

Richie Evans

Field Service Manager

Dewayne Huggins

Reliability & Field Service Coordinator

Administrative Team

Laura Wright

Sales/Pricing Coordinator & Expeditor

Lisa Thompson

Administrative Assistant, North Alabama

Trisha DiMario

Administrative Assistant, Daphne