Save Time with Our Industrial Solutions

No matter your industry, we’re ready to tailor solutions to your unique needs.

We understand the unique challenges each industry faces.

At JH Wright, we pride ourselves on being a trusted partner in providing fluids and solids handling solutions for a wide range of industries. With over 60 years of expertise, our commitment to excellence extends to diverse sectors, ensuring reliable performance and efficient operations. 



Our supply chain relies on our farmers, and farmers rely on us. We help the agriculture industry support sustainable practices, reduce downtime and control costs.

Alternate Energy

JH Wright can help drive success in the future of energy production by embracing sustainable solutions with our pumps and systems.


Our products and services have a variety of applications in the automotive industry. From fuel handling to coolant circulation, we’ve got you covered.


We engineer our pumps to handle a wide range of chemicals and demanding processes, ensuring the integrity of your production and adherence to strict safety standards. 

Food & Beverage

From sanitary pumps to handling delicate ingredients, our food and beverage solutions cater to the unique requirements of this industry.

Life Sciences

Whether it’s pharmaceutical production or biotechnology applications, our pumps are engineered with precision and precision in mind. 


Our pumps deliver accurate fluid handling for critical applications, helping you keep up with demand while adhering to the medical industry’s strict regulations.

Oil & Gas

Our rugged and reliable pumps are designed to withstand the harsh conditions of the oil and gas industry, ensuring continuous operations.

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers)

Our goal is to provide OEMs with bespoke plumbing solutions that seamlessly integrate into your equipment, ensuring unmatched value for your business.

Process & Manufacturing

Boost productivity and efficiency in process and manufacturing industries with our cutting-edge fluid handling solutions. We help drive productivity.

Pulp & Paper

Save energy, reduce water consumption and ensure smooth operations with our pulp and paper solutions, built to withstand the demanding environments of this industry.

Steel Production & Processing

Whether it’s handling molten steel or circulating cooling water, our solutions are engineered to handle the high-temperature and high-pressure demands of steel production.

Utilities & Nuclear Energy

Our products play a critical role in utilities and nuclear power generation, ensuring safe and efficient fluid handling in vital systems.

Water & Wastewater Treatment

From municipal water treatment to industrial wastewater processes, our products and services deliver efficient and reliable fluid handling solutions.

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