Wastewater Pump Stations

JH Wright’s wastewater pump stations are a customized pumping system consisting of; a well, pumps, panel, piping, valves and level controls. A wastewater pump station is designed to move sewage or wastewater from a collection point to a sewer main, other station or treatment facility.

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JH Wright Designed and Manufactured

JH Wright provides complete custom design and fabrication to meet all specifications and requirements. We take pride in being able to fully support our customer’s needs in this area. Reach out today to learn more about the Wright way.

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JH Wright’s wastewater pump stations, available for installation throughout the United States, are custom-designed and manufactured to meet the specific needs of each location. These stations are engineered with a focus on efficiency, reliability, and durability, ensuring optimal performance even in challenging conditions. The incorporation of advanced technology and high-quality materials in their construction allows for effective wastewater management, contributing to environmental sustainability. With our custom designs, these pump stations can be seamlessly integrated into existing infrastructure, making them a versatile solution for wastewater treatment across the country.